The sale of a property, be it by power of sale, auction or private sale can be a time consuming endeavor.                            Adding in the cosmetic and repairs that are often found when a home is vacated can be daunting. Finding reputable trades and services is often very time consuming. We offer a complete package or you can select an individual service to suit your needs.


  • Professional building inspection following the CSA A-770 standards. Coupled with our 20 year reputation, this can instill confidence in a prospective buyer and speed up a successful sale of the property.


  • upon execution of the seizure of the home, the locks are changed, home secured and a condition report provided.
  • for rural homes we can get the well tested to ODW standards and the septic pumped an a report from a registered septic contractor as to the condition of the system. Experience has shown that rural properties where the water and septic are an unknown makes a quick sale more difficult.

  • thorough cleaning of the home, all rooms, bathrooms and kitchen
  •  removal of all unwanted items from the home and property

  • perform any repairs as documented in the condition report in a cost effective manner
  • winterize the home as applicable
  • documented, physical site visits on an agreed schedule to ensure security of the home, damage report if applicable and ensure mail or flyers are removed, plumbing has remained off and heat is on in season.
  • lawn care and snow removal as requested

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